Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Skincare Essentials

The beauty industry can seem like a black hole to some (me!). It is very easy to get sucked into and lost. With so much branding and marketing, millions of products that do this and that. It can be very difficult to know which direction to go. 

I have learned that the best way to deal with all the confusion is to start small. Everybody knows that the absolute bare essentials in any skincare routine are cleanse, tone and moisturise. 
My essential skincare products vary depending on my skin. The typical culprits I cannot go without, however, are as follows:
  • Cleanser - Everybody and I mean EVERYBODY should be cleansing twice a day! I can't stress how important it is to clean your face. It's easy, it takes about 90 seconds, and you can do it right after brushing your teeth.
  • Toner - I believe toners to be just as important as cleansing. Toners vary in strength, ranging from purified waters or hydrosols to very astringent tonics. Whatever toner is best for you, they are extremely important in bringing the skin back to its normal pH after cleansing and they help to lift away any debris or left over product and refresh the skin.
  • Eye Serum - Many people wait until they 'need' an eye serum. By the time you can see that you need one, it's too late! Prevention works better than cure ladies. The eye area is so delicate, and many products are too thick or harsh for it. Eye serums are made to reduce puffiness, improve elasticity and brighten the eye area. Which, let’s face it, everybody needs.
  • Facial Serum - This is an optional product, many people prefer to just use a moisturiser. A facial serum is an oil-based product used to improve moisture levels, reduce oil production and keep the skin soft and supple. I love facial serums as they soak much deeper into the skin and give a more long lasting effect than moisturisers alone. I like to use them mainly at night.
  • Moisturiser - Similar to a facial serum, a moisturiser is made to improve moisture levels and keep the skin soft and supple. Usually in a cream or lotion texture, it is a lot more practical for morning use as it soaks into the skin much faster than a serum would.
  • SPF - Too many people don't understand the importance of an SPF. Whether it's sunny, dull or raining, as long as there is light outside, there are UV rays! And they cause damage on the deepest layers of your skin. So if you're not wearing your SPF every day, you are going to wake up one day with a lot of pigmentation. And believe me you won't like it! Just pop it on after your makeup, it's not that hard. And, pro-tip, they can act as a great makeup primer due to their thicker consistency.
There are many more products making the rounds these days, and there will always be a reason why you need them, But most of the time, you don't!
Using too many products can actually make your skin worse, as you're overloading it and not allowing it to do its job. Your skin can look after itself. But with all of today's pollutants, harsh weather changes and makeup, we need to give it a hand.
Minimal is best. That goes for the amount of products you use, and the amount of ingredients within those products! Because there can be a whole lot of nasty things within those beautifully packaged bottles, but that's a story for another day.

Look after your skin, it protects you every day!

Jessica, GymSkin.x

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