Tuesday, 21 February 2017


As one might expect, this blog is about Fitness and Skincare! But mostly it's about SELF CARE.
For me self care hasn't always been so easy, and still isn't! I've always been what I would describe as self destructive and just plain lazy. This has resulted in years of avoiding exercise and neglecting my health, which has had an impact on my appearance.

Being as shy as I was throughout most of my life, appearance really is a big deal! I never knew how to fully love and accept myself for who I was, mainly because I didn't know who I was. This meant that I believed my outer appearance was all I had to offer.

I became increasingly aware of how I looked and always felt like that was all people seen when they looked at me. It made me self conscious, and sparked my interest in the beauty industry. This, however, just lead to more anxieties about not looking good enough...

So as I journey into Self Care and Well being in all aspects of my life, my main focus is on Fitness and Skin care. I feel these are two aspects of self care that are very important both internally and externally. Our bodies are our homes, and all anybody wants is a home they can be proud of and one that provides what they need.

I am aware that what is within us is much more important than how we look. But that doesn't mean that it is any less important to our self esteem, especially today, when untouched or unfiltered photos are a rarity that need their own hash tag when they do come along.. #NoFilter

I believe that while working on improving our inner health, outer health is never far behind.

Jessica, GymSkin.x

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